Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2009 Tuesdays - Wednesday Edition

by: Chris Sullivan

What are the biggest offseason needs for the Seahawks? I divided them into three categories: Fix Needed, Upgrade Needed, and Future Considerations. First things first:

Fix Needed Positions

The Seahawks clearly have an issue with the secondary. As much as I love Wilson, I see him as a strong nickelback with a strong upside in the blitz game. Trufant is solid, and honestly, Deon Grant has played pretty well, especially in the second half of the season. I see us looking to fix the secondary by drafting a safety (how's it goin', Mr. Mays?) and trying to go after a free agent cornerback that we can get on the cheap. I'll be trying to look at the free agency picture in next week's feature, but I wouldn't expect us to sign Nnamdi Asomugha (or pronounce his name) anytime soon, so don't get your hopes up kiddos.

There appears to be a need on the defensive line as well with Rocky Bernard most likely leaving in free agency after an ethically challenging offseason and mediocre-at-best year on the field. This need will mostly be one of depth, as it seems likely that Red Bryant and Howard Green can handle much of the work load created by a departing Sugar Bear, but we'll see if Ruskell agrees.

The linebacker issue is another one that may come up, but I suspect that we will sign or franchise Leroy Hill (who else would we franchise?), so that is less of a need and more of a long-term situation. Obviously, we'll keep our eyes peeled and our ears to the ground on that.

Wide receiver was covered a couple weeks ago right here.

Upgrade Needed Positions

It looks to me like the biggest position at which we're going to be looking for an upgrade is center and potentially guard as well. While we did bring in Wahle last year, his newest injury does not bode well for his future on this squad. The fact that all five O-Linemen are essentially on the IR (Locklear is unlikely to play another snap this year, but who would take his spot anyway?) does not necessarily mean it's just Wahle, but it's an issue of concern for sure. Womack actually had a very good year but cannot be considered a long-term fix, and Rob Sims has never proved himself a competent NFL starter. I imagine Sims will get another year to prove himself because of his injury in week one, but we'll wait and see there. I have trouble believing that Chris Spencer will continue getting chances, and Steve Vallos has shown that, while good, he can not yet handle the load in the NFL. Maybe a full offseason at center will help, but I'm skeptical. I would love to see the Hawks draft Alex Mack, but I don't expect them to use the high (2nd round) draft pick that would require. Time will tell.

Future Considerations

I think the subject that's been garnering the most buzz in draft talk lately is whether the Seahawks ought to draft a replacement offensive tackle and quarterback to take over fpr Jones/Locklear and Hasselbeck. I think we will most likely take care of both of these issues in the draft, unless by some chance Ruskell decides he likes John Beck whom I imagine will be on the trading block for a pretty fair price out of Miami. Either Michael Oher or Andre Smith would be huge draft picks (literally and figuratively), and it's hard to use a top-5 on anything other than trench guys or QBs, so both are definite possibilities. ~END~