Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How Important Is Pride?

by: Mike Parker

Going into Sunday's game at St. Louis--the team that Seahawk Addicts readers voted earlier in the season as the Seahawks' biggest rivals--both teams are sitting in the lowly NFC West cellar at 2-11.

Both teams also face the bright spot of having a top-tier draft pick after the season ends. Both teams have been hit hard by injuries and changes in coaching staff. Both teams have only one thing left to play for: Pride.

In Seattle, a lot of fans and readers of this blog have declared without any reservation that they now want the Seahawks to lose the rest of their games to get a shot at top draft prospects Michael Oher and Michael Crabtree. But with a game coming Sunday that looks to resemble this year's Apple Cup more than it does an ongoing NFL rivalry, the obvious question is how important is pride?

Do we want the Seahawks to beat the snot out of the Rams like they did in Week 3? Or are we secretly (or openly) rooting for them to lose in a close game like we saw against Miami and New England this season so they can maintain a top-5 spot in the draft?

I, for one, think the Hawks can muster a victory against the hapless Rams and still get a shot at Crabtree, but that's just me being a realist. The way it looks now, Oher is probably going to get snagged by someone in dire need of an offensive lineman with a pulse before we can get him. (Detroit and Cincy, I'm looking at you). I say we go for the win in St. Louis and have something to smile about again, and then rejoice in April when we get one of the best receivers in college football. Let's hear what everyone else thinks. -END-