Friday, December 5, 2008

To Seahawks Coaching Staff: IR Matt and Walt Now!

by: Mike Parker

Dear Tim, Mike, Gil, Jim, Bill, Bruce and He Who Shall Not Be Named:

Well, here it is, Week 14, and I don't mind saying, the 2008 Seahawks look a lot more like the team that used to induce groans at the Kingdome in 1992 than the Super Bowl contenders they were supposed to be this year. And forget about the blame game - what's done is done, this season's a wash, and we're well beyond the point of being able to change any of that.

That being said, with Matt Hasselbeck and Walter Jones's ongoing health problems continuing to plague our two most valuable players, I think I speak for a vast majority of the 12th Man when I say this: It's time to put them both on injured reserve.

I know, I know - throwing in the towel, waving the white flag, conceding to defeat, whatever you want to call it - that's usually a pretty ugly way to wrap things up. But looking at this season, it's time. We've had our run, and between beating the 2007 Rams in the category of "Most Horrifyingly Injury-Ridden Season Ever" and the fact that all of you on the coaching staff except Jim are probably on your way out, just put things to rest already. Matt should've been placed on the IR a month ago, as it's no secret that he's just not himself this year.

Walt and Matt alike are the core of this franchise as it stands right now. Sure, we'll get a good draft pick in April, but we don't know how good just yet. We're going to go through an overhaul with Jim taking over after Mike's last day later this month, but that's not to say we should risk the careers of the two players who have been the backbone of the Seattle Seahawks for the past several years. Not a chance.

So I don't know if any of you out there pay attention to the massive pile of gibberish and ranting that fills most sports blogs out there today, but on the off-chance that anyone pays attention to Seahawk Addicts' little corner of the internet, please - hear us out. Take Walt and Matt off the field. Live to fight another day, and realize that better days await the Seahawks. If you were never down, you'd never know when you were up.


Mike Parker