Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jets' Mangini: Snowballs Are a Safety Risk

by: Mike Parker

It appears that just two days after the Hawks put a dagger in the Jets' playoff hopes, the problems in New York are snowballing.

Jets' coach Eric Mangini said today that he thought there should have been more action taken against the fans at Qwest who were throwing snowballs onto the field as time wound down on Sunday.

"There were a lot of people that were hit with snowballs," Mangini said. "All you need is someone to get hit in the eye. It's just not a safe situation. It was disappointing to see that, but that stuff, we couldn't control that. How we can control it is how we respond."
Seriously, Mangini? Is there something you're not telling us here? Bad experience with being temporarily blinded by snow as a child? Do you work for Homeland Security's Anti-Snowball Society? (A.S.S.)?

Mangini went on to say he just hoped nobody was hurt as a result of snowballs being thrown.
"It just was a really unsafe situation and a lot of people got struck by snowballs," Mangini said. "I wouldn't want that to happen at our stadium, and I'm sure Seattle didn't want that, either. It's just something that hopefully can be avoided whether it's us, Seattle, whoever in the future. Just don't want someone to get struck and hurt in that environment."
Hey, Mangini--snow is snow. It's not like the fans were filling up on $9 beer and throwing around hand grenades.

It's a shame we've already played our final home game of the year, because if there were any remaining, you'd be seeing me in the Hawks' Nest next Sunday making a snowman effigy of Mangini and pelting it with snowballs every time the Hawks got a first down. Maybe I'd call it the Effigini. -END-