Friday, December 5, 2008

Hasselbeck doubtful for Sunday

by: Chris Sullivan

Well don't that just twist a monkeys nipple? The hits just keep on coming, with Danny O'Neil now reporting that Hasselbeck is experiencing some of the same symptoms he had when he missed those 5 games earlier in the season.

This will, and I believe should, put some pressure on the team to call the season quits and place Matt on the IR or, barring that, at least don't play him if there's any question to his health. With virtually no offensive line and an already hurting quarterback, is there any reason at all that you should risk the most important person to your franchise? I can't see one anymore.

Four games to go, 240 more minutes of the 2008 Seahawks team... all I ask for is that we stop the bleeding! Let Frye start, no one in the league knows more about getting hit than him...