Wednesday, December 24, 2008

SA Fantasy League #2 Results

by: Chris Sullivan

You guys asked for it, here are the final results from the second league. Thanks a lot to Jordon Boss for getting this info to me, and congrats to Brandon for winning.

1 Brandon Sauer (First year Champ) as his name indicates...won in an epic battle taking the lead with 6 minutes left in the Monday night game.
2 Jordon boss (Asleep at the snap) started 8-1, then sputtered to 9-4 at the end of the season before limping into the championship game and losing.
3 Pat Monson (Power Rangers) takes the number 1 seed at 10-3 but can't get past playoff round 2
4 Tim Streeter (CHawk FanAddict) started out 2-3, but won his final eight regular season games to be the number 2 seeded team
5 Curt Barnes (12th man)
6 Andy Weinstein (DirtyTeabaggery)
7 Andy Melsness (WENATCHEEHAWKS)
8 Mike Doyle (Bayou Belchers)

9 Dan Hibbard (Shibby Hibbies) was very disgusted he didn't make it to the playoff's, as he was the regular season points leader (ouch)
10 Seattle Reign
11 Pullman Chiefs
12 Bill Walsh Allegory
13 Seattle Dingos
14 Runaway Mack truck
15 Funky cold Madinas
16 El Coo Cuy's