Friday, February 8, 2008

Bryant Johnson Expected to Become FA

If your interested in what our division rivals and closest competitor in the West is doing, then check out this article about the Cards...

What i think of important, is that the team is resigned to letting Bryant Johnson hit the free agent market. This is probably because currently they owe their other two WRs an assload of cash. 16mil to Fitzgerald! Gotta love Denny Greens contract negotiation skills! What does this have to do with the Seahawks you ask?

Good Question. Well, Johnson is a very similar receiver to DJ Hackett. He hasn't quite shown the brilliance Hackett has at times, but he has played in a hell of lot more games per season. They are both tall and speedy and excellent in the red zone. So maybe somebody will overpay for Johnson and leave Hackett to us on a lesser deal, or if Hackett leaves, the Seahawks should look at weakening a division opponent while improving themselves, a tactic they have employed in the past. In my opinion, I wouldn't break the bank for either of these guys and if I had my choice, I would just keep Hackett.