Friday, February 8, 2008

This Offseason Better be Offensive!

And by offensive, I mean truly depraved. But, not in a Jerramy Stevens kinda way. Unless you mean finding a seam stretching athletic tight end. Definitely, not in the drugging and raping, drunk driving, terrorizing your neighbors by making it rain, only with vomit, kinda way.

And so it begins...... This will start my preview of the Seahawk's Offseason.

To begin with, there are many important questions hanging over the franchise right now. Its coach Holmgren's last year. How the Hawks answer some of these tough questions will go along way towards deciding how Holmgren ends his tenure in Seattle.

Next there is the salary cap situation. This leads us into the weeks leading up to the Free Agency period. Who will be back? Tough decisions again.

Finally, the Free Agents. Who is available? Who can the Hawks afford?

All of these deserve there own individual posts and an in-depth discussion. Look for these topics in the upcoming days, as Seahawks Addict...