Saturday, February 9, 2008

Seahawks in Season Opener????

I have desperately waited for the Seahawks to be placed in an interesting prime time game, byt in usual fashion they are left of with the exception of a Monday or Sunday night game. Things could be changing. While I have suspected that the Seahawks may be scheduled to play in the Thur. night opener since Mon (OK, Sun night), I have waited until it was printed by someone with a touch more credibility than me.

Right here, in his ten predictions for the offseason, blogmaster, Mike Florio suggests that the Seahawks are the most likely opponent for the Thursday night opener. Unless the NFL changes the previous format and goes with a divisional game. This probably will happen. Remember when we lost the Superbowl, we were the first Superbowl loser in a decade not put in the first Monday Night Football game. Unfortunately, the only way to ENSURE we play in the Thur night opener would be win the big one. (or blackmail the commish)

Hey, while were shooting for the moon, maybe we will get the third TGiving day game too. It is Holmgren's last year!