Saturday, February 9, 2008

Zorn Promoted Already!?!?

When Jim Zorn left for the OC job in Washington, I said good for Zorn, tough break for the Hawks. I also couldn't understand why he would take a job with no head coach. Sometimes it is hard to hire a coach when you have already picked their entire staff for them. Could this have been the roadblock the Skins ran into?

Who knows, but as of today they have promoted Jim Zorn to head coach. Here is the blog entry by SeahawkAdddicts favorite Jason LaCanfora from the Washington Post. I wonder what the Skins fans will be saying about this. They dismissed proven coaches like Gregg Williams and Al Saunders for the sake of VERY unproven commodity like Jim Zorn. Could he be great? Sure. But I am glad that Washington is on the schedule next year. Maybe nobody was interested in taking over a situation with a meddling owner who is 20 mil over the cap. Regardless... Cheers for Jim Zorn! I wish him well against everybody but us.

Hopefully for Zorn, this isn't just Snyder looking for the cheapest possible 1 year solution, so that he can make a run at Cower next year, considering that Zorn only left Seattle cause he was looking for job security.