Thursday, February 7, 2008

Welcome to the Seahawk Addicts Blog

Welcome to my blog everybody (actually nobody). It was another fine year for the mighty Seahawks, which unfortunately left at taste in my mouth like licking the side of a Quest Field urinal. So what to do?

I thought about leaving a dead rat on the doorstep of my friend who is Giants fan

I also thought about slashing the tires of all the Patriots fans i am friends with

Then i thought about sending a shoe box full of dog shit to SB XL official Bill Leavy. (actually i did this one)

In the end, I decided to focus on the off season. Hope is needed. Besides my therapist said this was a better way to vent my frustrations then setting my dogs lose on an unsuspecting cat (which is pretty good entertainment, if you like dogs).

Anyway, since this offseason started, i have noticed a distinct lack of good Seahawks information. I know this because i am the annoying guy who posts links in forums or comment sections before anybody else realizes whats going on. For christ sake, i know the rest of world thinks Seattle is part of Canada, but how hard is it notify people when a coach is hired. This type of dedication to finding relevant Seahawk info requires a lack of anything important to do with a willingness to endure sore eyes. Hey, pay the price, and I am happy to oblige.

... So if you can find it, and if you want it, this is where it belongs! Anything and everything that even in the slightest way may peak the interest of the Seahawk faithful. Enjoy!