Thursday, February 7, 2008

Recent Seahawk News

Just to get everybody caught up on the weeks events---

First, Jim Mora Jr. has been given a 5yr extension, which works out to a four year head coaching contract starting in 2009.-- In my opinion, this is a great hire. Stability is good. Second time head coaches are good, did you see Tom Coughlin. He had once gotten Jacksonville to the championship game before being fired. Mora has reached the championship game too and then only two years removed with a winning record overall was fired. Atlanta has been a mess ever since.

Beyond this, the Hawks brought in a new QB coach today. His name is Bill Lazor. Thanks to Jason LaCanfora of the Washington Post for breaking this one. Are ALL the Seahawk beat writers on vacation? Anyway, Lazor once set 26 individual passing records at Cornell University. Which means he's a pretty sharp cat. He went on to coach there as well, as an offensive assistant. He has worked with the Redskins the last two years and ATL before that. This means he was hired by Mora once before, which is probably a good indication of who had the final say. Plus, working as a QB coach in ATL also means at some point he was probably responsible for feeding Mike Vicks canines.

Finally, Adam Schefter reported that the Hawks seem prepared to let Marcus Trufant test the waters of free agency and franchise Josh Brown. Then several hours later, he wrote a story saying that Tru was likely to receive the franchise tag. Usually his info is pretty good. In this case, i bet nobody has any idea what is going to happen, not even Tim Ruskel at this point. My opinion is that it would be nice to have him back, however, cornerbacks right now, as a position are overvalued. They get paid like QBs, but even the best ones aren't worth a damn if you can't pressure the QB. See Nate Clements and his 10 mil per year deal. This draft seems to have some worthy corners slotted around when the Hawks will be picking, so if we used Tru's cake to fix the offense and then took a corner early, i would be hard pressed to criticize the strategy. If we let Tru walk and pick up another corner who is shorter than my girlfriend and thinner than a supermodel, i will be bitching loud.