Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cards make some cuts

by: Chris Sullivan

The Arizona Cardinals announced three significant roster cuts today, freeing up Edgerrin James after months of him pleading to be released and somewhat unexpectedly cutting Roderick Hood and Travis LaBoy. LaBoy is especially surprising, as they just paid an arm and a leg for the guy, as Sando explained:

Instead, LaBoy hit the market and cashed in with the Cardinals, pocketing $5.75 million in signing bonus and $750,000 in first-year salary. LaBoy also collected a $1.5 million roster bonus this offseason, bringing his 13-month haul to $8 million.
The real question is what in the world were they thinking when they paid him that much? LaBoy has never played a full season. His best year was undoubtedly his contract year in 2007 where he had only 13 tackles but 6 sacks and 3 pass defenses. He played in 11 games and had 0 starts for the Titans.

It is great to see Edge get his freedom, and I wish him success elsewhere. He showed what he can do in the tailend of last year, and hopefully is rewarded for it in what little bit of free agency he gets. It's always rough to be put into free agency this late into the offseason as most teams have already filled their needs. If anybody didn't get the RB they wanted -- or if they were waiting specifically for Edge -- this would be their time to swoop in.

And before you ask, no, we won't be signing Rod Hood.