Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jennings: The Path Not Taken

sby: Michael Steffes

There seems to be some people upset the team didn't select Rashard Jennings , a RB from Liberty.

What team do you all follow? Was there something that was said or done that would have led you to believe that Tim Ruskell was suddenly going to pick someone from Liberty? Big schools only is how he rolls.

It seems that there may have been some unreal expectations in place. James Davis was a far more likely target. Tim Ruskell shies away from small school players. The only small school player he has drafted since taking over was a LS. Why would he change for a RB, especially when big school guys remain available?

And by the way, neither Davis or Jennings has been taken yet.

UPDATE: Davis was just taken by the Browns midway through the 6th. END