Monday, April 27, 2009

Leroy Hill Open to Returning

by: Chris Sullivan

Eric Williams has a nice article this morning discussing Leroy Hill and the talk from Ruskell and Mora on his potential return. Says Mora:

“He’s very motivated to be a Seattle Seahawk. He told me this morning that this is where he wants to finish his career. I think he was a little shook up, and maybe disappointed. But in terms of being upset or mad, no. At least, that’s not the feeling I got in talking to Leroy.”
That said, letting Hill goes has some definite possibilities, despite us all liking him. While I would prefer for him to come back, letting Hill go will almost certainly net us a third or fourth round compensatory pick in the 2010 draft. Additionally, despite him being one of the best weakside linebackers in the league, he is still a weakside linebacker. Having three excellent linebackers is a luxury that a struggling team perhaps can no longer afford. 

If the Hawks do not end up signing Hill to a long-term contract, there are still a couple of linebackers available -- Freddie Keiaho, Derrick Brooks, Marcus Washington -- and D.D. Lewis, Will Herring, David Hawthorne and Lance Laury remain on the Hawks squad, though perhaps only two of those are potentially ready to start.