Sunday, April 26, 2009

NFC West Second Day Picks Through Round 4

by: Chris Sullivan

Arizona Cardinals
3.95 -- Rashad Johnson - Safety - Alabama

Johnson is a great football player but lacks the size and physicality to replace Adrian Wilson and the speed to play cornerback effectively. A tweener, but I'd say good value at the tail end of the third round. 

4.131 -- Greg Toler - Cornerback - St. Paul's
From what I know about this guy (the first St. Paul's player ever drafted), he's fast and athletic, but not very strong and very raw. Might be a stretch at this pick, but they might have known something we didn't. He could be good, but it won't be this year. 

St. Louis Rams
3.66 -- Bradley Fletcher - Defensive Back - Iowa
Fletcher has some off-field issues, but is an athletic defensive back who will likely see most of his playing time on special teams and in Nickel/Dime packages. Not a bad pick, but the Rams probably have more pressing needs.

4.103 -- Dorell Scott - Defensive Tackle - Clemson
Scott had a bad year in 2008 but is fast as any 312 pounder can be, running a sub-4.9 40. I wonder if there wasn't a more impactful DT that would have been available at #66, but none really jump out at me. It's a solid pick, but might not ever have a huge impact on this team that needs high impact players. 

San Francisco 49ers
3.74 -- Glen Coffee - Running Back - Alabama
This is a decent pickup, but not great. He's a hardnosed runner like Frank Gore, which is nice I guess, but does not really fit as a change of pace guy. Decent speed, good size, and an upgrade over DeShaun Foster. There were better guys on the board.