Monday, April 27, 2009

Tim Ruskell on ESPN 710

by: Michael Steffes

Tim Ruskell showed his face (voice?) after a long weekend to talk Leroy Hill, Draft, and all things Seahawks. Here is summary for your consumption.

If you are near a radio you might to tune into Kiro 710. Mora is going to be on shortly, as will Aaron Curry.

Here are the highlights......

  • After the St. Louis pick, with KC on the clock, was an anxious time for the Hawks. They thought it was 50/50 between KC taking Jackson or Curry. Ruskell talked with Pioli, and said it was an amusing conversation.
  • Curry was the top guy on the Seahawks board when they picked. There wasn't much talk about trading into the 3 spot to make sure they got him
  • The backup plan, if KC took Aaron Curry, was to stick the board. Ruskell said the Hawks stuck to their board throughout, which is something that he feels good about when a draft is done. They defintely would have listened to trade offers if he was gone.
  • He says the Hawks do pay close attention to mocks, especially from guys they know talk to NFL people. The NFL people wont talk to Ruskell, so they have to rely on the guys who put out some of the better mocks. Rick Gosslin was one that Ruskell singled out.
  • Ruskell was surprised, "taken back a bit", when the Broncos called about the swap of 37 for the 2010 first rounder. The thing they took into account was when they thought that pick might be. And because of that they thought there was value there.
  • It is a little tricky figuring out value when there are two years involved in a swap, but you go with your gut.
  • They are not taking the possible uncapped year into account on draft day because they feel it is too unpredictable what will happen to take that into account
  • The keys to the draft for Ruskell are being prepared, and keeping your wits about you. That is what helps you in those hectic moments when you are making deals or deciding to pick.
  • The Hawks met with Hill's people last night, and will meet with them again. He said the draft would have been no different if he had signed the tender. The goal has always been to get Leroy back.
  • Hill has told all the coaches, and he stays in touch with them regularly, that he wants to be a Seahawk for life. He assumes that he is telling his agent the same thing.
  • Deon Butler brings something that we don't have with our other receivers: Killer Speed. Ruskell said he clocked him at 4.26. And he has never seen his watch go there. There are going to work on his punt return skills starting this weekend.
  • Teel's leadership was what really drew the team to them. He was great when he came for a visit. Knapp thought he was perfect for this team and this system. In talks with Teel's reps, it felt like they had to take him in the sixth or they would risk losing him. Orginally they thought he might be a free agent.