Monday, April 27, 2009

Thank you, Al Davis...

by: Chris Sullivan

Next year when the Seahawks take the field, there is a very good chance that the Seahawks offensive line will have a different look. Max Unger is almost certain to be either the center or one of the guards after the Seahawks traded up to take him in the second round. How did they get so lucky?

Al Davis.

Bear with me here. Ignoring anyone associated with the City of Detroit, there are two mindblowingly dumb GMs in this league (well, more than two, but this will focus on two): Al Davis and Jerry Angelo. Jerry Angelo had his heart set on Michael Mitchell, he was going to draft him at #49 and had apparently even told the kid as much. Who is Michael Mitchell? Well, Kiper had him on his big board as the 71st rated... safety (not player). Everyone considered him no threat to go before the 6th round if ever, but apparently the Grim Reaper and Da Head of Da Bears were playing a bizarre game of "get the mediocre backup." Well, Al Davis won (doesn't he always?).

So what?

So Jerry Angelo, so heartbroken by the loss of Michael "Even I don't know who I am" Mitchell, that he didn't have another second round pick ready to go. He traded his most valuable pick in the draft away for two picks, our third and fourth. The value was quite a bit off and he almost certainly could have asked for more, but the tears in his eyes must have blinded him to value. No problemo. The Seahawks were happy to steal the pick away and draft the man they would have happily taken at #37 if Josh McDaniels wasn't willing to part with so much for a good-but-not-great cornerback. Fantastic. Thanks Al!