Sunday, April 26, 2009

How well did the Hawks do?

by: Chris Sullivan

Well, if you base it on Walter Football's draft grades, pretty darn well. Here's how they broke it down:

  • Aaron Curry - A
  • Max Unger - A   
  • Deon Butler - A   
  • Mike Teel - B   
  • Courtney Greene - A   
  • Nick Reed - A    
  • Cameron Morrah - B
They rate just about every team in the NFC West as having an excellent draft, all As and Bs between the four teams. I checked outside the division and they did not routinely give out such high grades. The NFC West is an improving division, and despite the hard choices being made right now, I think the Seahawks made a number of strides in getting back to the top of the West. 
What do you guys think? No need to mention Rashad Jennings in this discussion, we spent about three hours on him earlier. How did the Hawks do for this draft? Good value for each pick?