Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hill and Hawks: Close to Deal

by: Michael Steffes

Jim Mora was on KJR this morning. I was unable to listen to it due to a doctor's appointment, but Eric Williams was listening and has a summary here.

The BIG NEWS is that Jim Mora thinks the team will a deal in place with Leroy Hill by the end of the day. This is an important development because, over this weekend's mini camp the team will be installing a much different defense and cannot afford to have Leroy miss it. That was one of the reasons they risked removing the tag.

In secondary news, Mora has declared Kenny Lucas the starter at right cornerback. Wilson, who isn't thrilled about this I promise you, will work in the nickel. This should substantially upgrade the secondary. Both Lucas and Wilson will have something to prove, and with guys as competitive as those two that works in the Hawks favor.


Also, Mora states that Max Unger will be beginning his Seahawk career at Left Guard. He will play behind Mansifield Wrotto at left guard during the mini camp. Mora said he wants to let a young guy settle in one position before putting multiple responsibilities on him. He admitted there are some worries about Wahle, Sims, and Spencer's ability to stay healthy.

UPDATE 2: Ian Furness of KJR got a hold of Hill himself, who said he couldn't confirm anything but he thinks a deal is close and he has been told to be ready to hop on a plane and get to mini camp. Yeeeeeeeeee-haw!

Here is a link to the audio file for your perusing. END