Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tail-end of the round - Picks 27 through 32

by: Chris Sullivan

Steffes' boyfriend, Beanie Wells, is still available and the Hawks have shown a willingness to trade up in the past. Could they find a trading partner? It's possible... lets have a look see at the next six picks... 

27. Indianapolis Colts -- Donald Brown - RB 
Beanie Wells was definitely not expecting to be the third running back off the board, but Brown is a great fit for the Colts who love to dump it off to the backs and also rely on them to block quite a bit. Brown excels in all of those areas, not to mention he can flat out run. 

28. Buffalo Bills -- Eric Wood - C/G - Louisville
Wasn't expecting Wood to go above Unger, and definitely thought that with Eben Britton and William Beatty still on the board, they'd go that route. Who are the Seahawks going to be picking between? 

29. New York Giants - Hakeem Nicks - WR - North Carolina
Pretty much everyone knew the Giants were going after a wide receiver after releasing Plaxico. Nicks is a great receiver, but I don't see him replacing Burress. Kenny Britt could have been the pick here, but with him staying on the board a little longer, some have speculated we might grab him at #37. We shall see. The Hawks may try to trade up with the Titans here if we don't want the Cardinals to get their guy.

30. Tennessee Titans - Kenny Britt - WR - Rutgers
Mannnn, they screwed us on ESPN. It was not, as it appeared to be, Beanie Wells, but Kenny Britt a wide receiver to bolster the Titans offense. Some had speculated this pick would be a center, but with the top two off the board this makes sense. Ron Brace couldn't replace Albert Haynesworth, so why stretch to grab the next best DT? Arizona is on the clock . . . 

31. Arizona Cardinals - Chris "Beanie" Wells - RB - Ohio State
With the 31st overall pick, the Cardinals have selected Beanie Wells. Sorry, Steffes, I guess Wells wasn't in the cards for us and now he will be a Card for the next five years or so. Hopefully he doesn't stub his toe and miss half the season. 

32. Pittsburgh Steelers - Evander "Ziggy" Hood - DT - Missouri
I'd had the Steelers taking a cornerback to fill in for Bryant McFadden, but its clear they think they can fill that minor need a bit later in the draft. The defensive tackle position is now shored up quite a bit with a guy that a lot of people thought could help the Seahawks out before we made our moves in free agency. This is a solid pick and I agree that he should go in front of both Ron Brace and Sen'Derrick Marks.