Saturday, April 25, 2009

Will the Browns Ever Pick? #21 - 26

by: Chris Sullivan

The Browns have traded 3 times already today, there is always a chance they could trade again. I tend to lean towards Beanie Wells or Rey Maulauga with this pick (credit for that leaning goes to Jason Kreiner, my one and only Browns fan friend). Lets see how it goes...

21. Cleveland Browns - Alex Mack - Center - California
The Browns just made an excellent pick, though it's possible that Mack is not quite worth taking this high. Alex Mack is fantastic, very smart, strong, goes to the ground a little too much, but other than that, excellent. This is not at all exciting, but excitement is overrated on draft day. Great pick, if early. 

22. Minnesota Vikings - Percy Harvin - WR - Florida
Harvin is explosive and has a ton of possibilities, but he is incredibly high risk. The Vikings believe they're in a position to take a risk and hope it pays off. He can play RB too, which should strike fear into the heart of opposing players. 

23. Patriots - TRADED - Baltimore Ravens - Michael Oher - OT - Ole Miss
My favorite guy fell oh so far! I was hoping and praying we might find a way to trade up and get him, but no such luck. The Ravens got an absolute steal here, and I think he will be perfect as a right tackle while getting the best education possible watching old film tape of Jonathan Ogden. Good luck, Michael. 

24. Atlanta Falcons - Peria Jerry - DT - Ole Miss
Solid pick, Jerry is a bit old (will be 25 in week one), but a definite upgrade over Jonathan Babineaux. Jerry looked pretty good in the Senior Bowl. This is a good value, and leaves Ron Brace as the top DT available. When will he go? 

25. Miami Dolphins - Vontae Davis - CB - Illinois
The Dolphins were expected to take a cornerback and they did just that. A lot of people had Vontae Davis rated as the top cornerback in this draft, so this is a high value pick for the Dolphins. He's got the speed, size and strength to be a corner, but he's a bit inconsistent. This will help the Dolphins' D from week one, supposing he doesn't carry himself like his brother has so far. 

26. Ravens - TRADED - Patriots - TRADED - Green Bay Packers - Clay Matthews - LB - USC
The Packers now officially have the quickest-to-sunburn linebacking corps in the NFL. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It appears that Bellicheck was not lying when he said that he disliked this draft. Yikes. We'll see what they got in exchange for the Pack trading in. Kampman, Matthews, Hawk -- not a bad corps of linebackers. Smart trade up, assuming they didn't give up too much.