Sunday, April 26, 2009

Did the Hawks Trade Hill for a 3rd?

by: Michael Steffes

That is the premise being laid down in this article from John Clayton at ESPN.Com.

There are no guarantees, but Clayton's logic is sound. However, he is leaving out the Houshmanzadeh deal. It is possible that the formula would cancel out these two deals. However, because Hill is a younger player, it is likely they don't. Also, a lot will be determined by the two players performance next year.

Leroy Hill finally becoming a Pro Bowl linebacker would actually benefit the Seahawks.

The Seahawks still have the ability to re-sign Leroy Hill, but as I conveyed in my original thoughts on this last night, I think it is doubtful. If they wanted to re-sign him, they would have maintained control of his rights.

The Seahawks have soured on Hill. Not the player, butthe commodity. He provided the second embarrassing arrest in two years from a young defensive player. However, the aftermath of Hill's incident was handled completely different. Lofa talked about earning back the communities, and his teammates trust. How important it was for all of them to know he could be counted on day in and day out. Hill, followed his arrest with a meeting with team officials, but no public interviews. Clearly the team may have used even there discussion with Hill as a way to keep people guessing with their draft. Maybe Hill wasn't remorseful at all. He defintely didn't feel the need to be at the first camp run by his new defensive minded head coach.

In the end, it was tough to mesh these actions with the character this organization demands. I am sure Ruskell was conflicted. He would much rather Hill wanted to be in Seattle, after all, Hill is one of Ruskell's biggest successes. In the end, though, Hill wants to make as much money as he humanly can. Now he gets the chance.

With out knowledge, I can't say this for fact, but I would guess he asked, begged or even pleaded for the tag to be removed. The salary cap is huge these days. Teams still have money. If he is worth it, he will now get his.

And the Seahawks could get a third. Maybe a later pick. It will probably depend on what Leroy is really worth. Just like a trade.... END