Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gregg Knapp in the Spotlight

by: Michael Steffes

The Seahawks head into the 2009 with a new head coach and new coordinators on both sides of the ball. For Seahawk fans, we are keeping tabs on all three. Gus Bradley is a relative unknown, but Gregg Knapp has had a long and distinguished career as an offensive coordinator.

While Knapp disappeared into the black hole for the last few years, literally, he has found his way out. With this he gets to switch from a former #1 pick who hasn't put it all together in Jamarcus Russell to a three-time Pro Bowl QB in Hasselbeck. He also gets a general manager who, for the most part, makes fairly solid personnel decisions, and he gets an owner who won't call down and tell him what plays to call. Many expect Knapp to rise above what we have seen from him in the last two years.

Don Banks has taken a look at ten coordinators that the spotlight will be shining on this season, and because of his previous successes and failures Gregg Knapp makes the list. Here is what Banks says:

6. Greg Knapp, Seahawks offensive coordinator -- Having been paroled from Oakland, Knapp has been reunited with new Seattle head coach Jim Mora for a third time. He served as a coordinator on the same staff with him in San Francisco, and under him as OC in Atlanta. His charge is to return Seattle to the ranks of a top-tier offense, after a near-Biblical plague of injuries wiped out the Seahawks receivers and quarterbacks in 2008. Having a healthy Matt Hasselbeck at quarterback and free-agent receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh on hand represents a big step toward reaching that goal.
It is an interesting read. Knapp isn't the only NFC West OC on the list. The Niners' Jimmy Raye is also one who people will be watching. There are also a couple former NFC West coaches on there as well.

Taking over an offense from Mike Holmgren is not an easy act to follow. Knapp will take a different approach to things, but sometimes a little change is good. While nobody in the business does offense as well as Holmgren, Knapp seems prepared to get this offense on track through a balanced attack. And now he has some new weapons to do it with. END