Sunday, April 26, 2009

Seahawks Benefit from Attention Shown to Small School Players

by: Michael Steffes

One of the factors that seems to be working greatly in the Seahawks' favor is the increased attention being placed on small school players. Tim Ruskell favors players from BCS conferences, but many of his colleagues don't share the same affinity.

As players from places like St.Paul's, Monmouth, Abilene Christian, and even Western Ontario come off the board, good players from programs like Oklahoma, LSU, and USC fall down the board.

Hopefully in the end the Hawks will get a guy or two with the ability to play in this league that maybe got overlooked because they didn't have the upside that a raw player will lesser experience might have.

Of course, small school picks work out too, but since Tim Ruskell doesn't really go there until the draft is over -- right now, everyone that is taken works to our advantage.