Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nick Reed a "great pick"

by: Chris Sullivan

Russ Lande over at The Sporting News has a brief write-up covering a bunch of tidbits from the draft. Among them is this little tidbit: 

The Seattle Seahawks made a great pick at No. 247 with Oregon defensive end Nick Reed. We see Reed as a guy who plays with passion and energy on every snap and makes plays rushing the passer and chasing down ball carriers in pursuit.

The knock? Reed is a "'tweener." He has a linebacker's build and an end's athletic ability, but lacks ideal size and strength of an NFL end.

Reed likely will struggle to be more than a backup, but he will contribute when he gets on the field and should be an impact special teams player. ...

So far pretty much everything I've seen about Reed has been positive. It will be interesting to see how the Seahawks plan on using Reed, though it may not be this year that we find that out. He will make the team on Special Teams it he makes it, but could be a developmental guy to fill in as an edge rusher in coming years.