Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where They Fit: Part 2

by: Michael Steffes

This won't be nearly as exciting as doing the actual draft picks, but I will go through the undrafted free agents and give a couple of sentences of analysis on where they might fit, and if they really have a shot to make the team.

Here we go:

Michael Bennett, DE

Bennett has a long road in front of him. Maybe being Martellus' brother will help. The d-line rotation is actually pretty set. There are five guys almost guaranteed to make the team, a couple guys who were here last year, and then 7th round pick Nick Reed. If Bennett does well, the most he can hope for is a practice squad spot.

Tony Fien, LB

Fein is a local guy coming home. He actually has a good chance to make the team if he performs well for Bruce Dehaven. The Seahawks are short on linebackers, again. Plus, over the last few years there have been numerous undrafted free agent linebackers to make the team. Lance Laury and David Hawthorne are two of them.

Dave Phillstien, OLB

Phillstien has a good shot, too. There is probably a spot on the roster for an undrafted linebacker, possibly even two. They have to show the team that they have some value beyond being a back up, though. Special teams is how they will catch on.

Devin Moore, RB

Moore is a speedster. He is also undersized. He does, however, have a good shot to catch on. He would be a huge asset returning kicks with his speed. Plus he has good hands out of the backfield and would be a threat to take it to the house every time he touched it. He could become a poor man's Leon Washington.

Andre Ramsey, OT

Ramsey probably has a good shot to make the practice squad. This could mean an eventual spot on the roster with the way the line went down last year. Guys like Walt, Lock, and Wills will be the big names, with Kyle Williams possibly making the team. Max Unger could be the emergency tackle. Ramsey could take Williams' spot on the practice squad.

Tyler Roehl, RB

If you watch tape on this guy, he is pretty impressive. He runs with anger and good balance. He is quick, too. However, I'm not sure he will be much more than a pair of legs to take reps in camp, as he is small and doesn't seem to have extraordinary speed. If Moore falters, he might have a chance to make the team as a special teamer. He could very easily be the team's practice squad running back.

Sean Griffin, LS

Here we go again! Tyler Schmitt is supposed to be healthy, but you never know when a back injury could flare up. The team has been trying to find a long snapper for the better part of a decade now, or so it seems. Griffin at least has played against NFL-type guys at Michigan. Great snapping is what will get him a job, and a Tyler Schmitt injury.

Tez Doolittle, DT

Doolittle could be a sleeper. He seems to be the perfect 3-tech tackle. He does have a crowded rotation in front of him, including guys on the practice squad that the team likes. I suspect he may stick around though, even if it is on the practice squad. It would take some injuries for him to make the big club, but at DT that is always a possibility.