Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ruskell On the Phones

by: Michael Steffes

According to Mike Florio and, Tim Ruskell has been working the phones this morning.

He is "desperately trying to find out whether someone will be trading up to the No. 3 spot held by the Chiefs."

This is fueling speculation the Hawks are really targeting Sanchez. Or maybe they just want to allow someone to save a few bucks and move out of #4. Nobody knows for sure. But clearly, the Hawks want to be the lynch pin in the Sanchez sweepstakes.

Florio also states....

But one industry source recently told us that the Seahawks have decided that taking Sanchez would be the equivalent of telling the locker room that the team is rebuilding, and that the decision has been made to address immediate needs during the last few productive years of Matt Hasselbeck’s career.
Aaron Curry or a RB would probably be the best win now picks, at least in my opinion. END