Saturday, April 25, 2009

Second Round Begins! Picks 32-36

by: Chris Sullivan

The Seahawks are a few sweet minutes away from being back on the clock. Yahoo! The first round lasted a hair over 3.5 hours, wonderful, wonderful hours.

33. Detroit Lions - Louis Delmas - Safety - Western Michigan
Delmas is a solid pick but I am a bit surprised they didn't go after someone like Eben Britton or William Beatty.

34. New England Patriots - Patrick Chung - Safety - Oregon
Now this one is going to piss of 90% of you guys out there. Chung never seemed like a great fit for the Hawks to me, but everyone seemed to want him. Not in the cards guys! Now he's playing for the evil empire... 

35. St Louis Rams - James Laurinitis - ILB - Ohio State
The NFC Worst's perennial worst has just made their second pick, and it's with a smart, leadership-oriented guy. This allows them to make their most dynamic defensive player, Will Witherspoon to the outside which should help his numbers and the defense as a whole. Somehow, I'm not shaking in my boots. 

36. Cleveland Browns - Brian Robiskie - WR - Ohio State
Another guys a lot of Hawk fans had their eyes on but Robiskie was taken one pick too early for us. Sorry Addicts. Robiskie should come in and help from day one in the same Mr. Reliable role that Joe Jurevicius has provided for them over the last few years. This is a solid signing, but makes almost no sense considering their deep need for an inside linebacker with Rey Maulauga on the board.