Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 2: Back on the Roller Coaster

by: Michael Steffes

Make up some coffee. Mike Mayock is already chirping in my living room. Its day 2 of the NFL Draft.

Day 1 was a wild ride. The Seahawks made some great moves and have received high marks across the board. They got a new linebacker, and they caused a stir by removing the franchise tag from a previous one.

They traded out of a chance to get interior line help, getting a possible top 15 pick in return, but were still able to get the guy they wanted.

So where do the go from here?

I wouldn't expect the Hawks to be big players in the third round. The skipped the third last year and did alright. I do think we may see the Hawks pick in the fourth though, especially if someone they want slips. With 4 seventh round picks, they could use their 6th or 7th to move up and still add players via the compensation picks at the end.

It isn't entirely out the question that they could trade away a future pick. They have done a good job recouping those the last two years, and with two first rounders next year, they have flexibility. However, one of the reasons to make a deal like that is because this is a weak draft. Next years will be better. Why weaken your position?

There are lot of players left the Hawks could target. They certainly have needs remaining. Here are some of the positions that could come off the board....