Monday, April 27, 2009

Where They Fit

by: Michael Steffes

Now that the take from the weekend appears complete, I thought it would be worth taking a look at how all the new players fit. Here is a couple sentences of analysis on how each player might fit this season, and going forward.

-Aaron Curry, LB, WF

Obviously, Curry is a starter from day one. Whether or not Hill comes back is moot to Curry's status. He will start at one of the outside linebacker positions, and play all three downs. He will immediately become the Seahawks best coverage linebacker. Mora and co say he is an underrated blitzer, but we won't know how much he will assume that role until we see how the defensive scheme takes shape.

-Max Unger, OL, Ore

Unger will certainly compete for a starting spot from day one. It sounds as if the team felt the need to upgrade at center. I think Spencer can be a physically dominating guard. I talked about that last year. If Unger is capable, he will take over at center, pushing Spencer right. This is assuming Wahle is healthy. If he is not, Spencer may play left with Wrotto on the right side. Regardless, Unger and Wrotto are probably the two best FITS for the zone blocking scheme. Whether they are ready to start the preseason will determine.

-Deon Butler, WR, Penn St.

Butler may get some time on the field this season, but it will be mostly as a decoy. They will hope his speed stretches the defense. However, he as large depth chart in front of him. Luckily for him, some of those guys are made of glass. Hopefully, the vets last long enough to get Butler up to speed. It will be interesting to see if the team works on his return skills. He has little experience there, but his speed could be very valuable on special teams.

-Mike Teel, QB, Rutgers

Clearly, the team was done with Charlie Frye. At this point we have no way of knowing what the team thinks of Jeff Rowe, but Teel is likely to fill the third QB role. The team has more invested in him that Rowe. Also, he seems to be a guy Hass will take a liking too. Neither were invited to the combine, both were taken in the 6th. If both Teel and Hass look good this year, the team could address two other needs in next years first.

-Courtney Green, S, Rutgers

Greene is an in the box safety with some coverage skills. He will be competing with the guys who the Seahawks have added via the undrafted route the last few years like CJ Wallace and Jamar Adams. He could be a practice squad candidate for 2009. He seems to have potential, but will need time to adjust and work on his fundamentals.

-Nick Reed, DE, Oregon

This may be a steal for a 7th rounder. Reed was up for all of the awards Brian Orapko was, he just isn't quite as big and intimidating. However, you will never hear anyone question his motor. I got a feeling Mora will taking a liking to this guy, and if the Hawks go into the season with less than the league average at linebacker again, Reed might take that extra spot because of his special teams ability. That may end up being where he makes his name in the NFL.

-Cameron Morrah, TE, Cal

Morrah has a good shot of making this team. For some reason Joe Newton just never impressed. Morrah needs time to develop, but as long as he is willing to play special teams he will get a roster spot. He can stretch the field a bit better than Carlson, but won't be a three down type player for several years. However, right away, with his size, speed, and strength, he can make a big impact on coverage units.

Here are the draft picks, I will write up the signee's in a little bit. Tell us what roles you think each player will fill, and what your gut tells you about what we may see from the rookies this year. END