Saturday, April 25, 2009

Curry Speaks

by: Michael Steffes

Curry spoke with reporters via conference call and said being picked by Seattle was "one of the best things I ever heard."

He talked to Mora for the first time this morning, which led him to say, "He seemed like he has a high motor, huh"

You have no idea, Aaron. Have you ever heard of Tiger Mountain? Welcome aboard -- hopefully you're the guy who finally makes this defense elite.

To quote Mr. Mora,

When people come into our stadium, all around them, is just this compressing feeling and what we’re going to do is put a team on the field in front of our opponent that gives them that same feeling, where they’re suffocating, where they’re like, ‘Get me off the field, get me to the bench! I don’t want to be on the bench, get me to the locker room! Get my butt on the bus, on the plane, so I can get out of here! I’m not safe here!’
Be that guy, Aaron Curry. Be that guy! END