Saturday, April 25, 2009

Picks 16 -20: Where does Freeman Go?

by: Michael Steffes

Five more picks . . . and Beanie Wells slips. I admit, I was wrong on that one. What else is new? How about Freemen? Quality QB prospects disappears after that. Could the Broncos finally find a defensive player, or will the disaster that is Josh McDaniels continue to mount?


San Diego-Larry English LB, Northern Illinois

Interesting, berry berry interesting. I thought they would go Everette Brown, but English seems to be a quality guy. They are preparing for life without Shaun Merriman a year from now. Michael Oher continues to fall. It will be interesting to see who eventually snags him. The Lions would cream themselves if he falls to them.

Tampa Bay (trade w/ Cle)-Josh Freeman QB Kansas St

Tampa trades a 6th to move up and take Josh Freeman. WOW! And apparently Raheem Morris believes in collecting QBs as well. Morris knows Freeman from K-State. Maybe they thought that Denver would take him? It'll be interesting to see what happens next. This is one wacky draft. Will the Browns ever pick?

Denver- Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee

Somebody put McDaniels out of his misery. Clearly he has no idea what he is doing. Maybe that is a bit harsh, but Ayers, as 3-4 end? Maybe Nolan convinced him to play the 4-3. Ayers is a one year wonder -- he could be great, but remember you just traded Jay Culter to get Knowshon Moreno and Robert Ayers. Anybody else think they were better with Culter?

Philly(via TB and Cle)- WR Jeremy Maclin

Cleveland takes another 6th and moves out. The Eagles jump up and get Jeremy Maclin, and McNabb gets a new target. I though this would be the TE, or Wells. But I forgot, this is the Eagles. They don't run the ball. Ever. Except when they shouldn't.

Detroit - TE Brandon Pettigrew 

Detroit gets an excellent target for their new quarterback who has been compared a lot to Jason Witten and other top tight ends. Not everyone had him at the top of their TE board, but probably more than 90% did. In this shallow TE class, Pettigrew was easily the top guy in my mind.