Sunday, April 26, 2009

What Positions are the Hawks Targeting Today?

by: Chris Sullivan

The Seahawks have six more picks before this draft is over (including 4 seventh rounders). Don't be surprised if they attempt to trade back into either the third or fourth round, I know I won't be. There are to many guys left on this board who could potentially provide immediate help including a few blokes who could be starting in 2009 at a position of need.

Safety -- Chip Vaughn would be an excellent addition in the early-to-mid third, and someone like Michael Hamlin could potentially slip to the fifth round, though he'll probably be gone near the top of the fourth. There are a handful of other guys out there, but other than these two, the remainder will primarily be for special teams and depth in our secondary (as could be Hamlin).

Outside Linebacker -- In lieu of removing the franchise tag from Leroy Hill, it is entirely possible that the Seahawks could look to add depth here in case they cannot sign him to a contract. They could possibly find a gem in the later rounds. Tyrone McKenzie from USF is a definite possibility, and the Hawks may have him graded a bit higher than others. Any way you look at it, this guy will grade out to a special teams monster a la David Hawthorne. Quick and hard hitting and if they've got great football sense, all the better.

Running Back -- There are a slew of guys who remain on the board and any of them could be available in the fifth. Andre Brown, Rashard Jennings, Ian Johnson... plenty of other guys available too. Ian Johnson figures to be a potential kick / punt returner, but I'm not sure that's a big need with Burleson coming back and Josh Wilson remaining effective. Still, look for us to add a guy in the late rounds.

Tight End -- We don't need a tight end like we did last year, but we do need someone who doesn't immediately signal running play when he comes in. Cornelius Ingram could be that guy but would probably require a trade up. There are a ton of other decent tight ends left at current -- Chase Coffman, Jared Cook, Jared Bronson (CWU), Shawn Nelson, Casey James -- and just about any of those could fill the need to a degree.

Cornerback -- This draft pick will mostly be filled by someone who can provide depth and some special teams help (is this getting familiar?). Someone who we've talked about before is Don Carey from Norfolk State who is solid and talented, and could very well be available in the fifth or sixth round.