Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mini Camp / Extremely Early Roster Analysis

by: Michael Steffes

With the Hawks about to take the field for the first time this weekend with the ammo they plan to take into the season this year, it seems as if maybe we can start talking about how the roster will take shape. It is extremely early, and there is still much to be discovered about injuries, ineffectiveness, and maybe financial considerations like clearing room if Leroy signs. Still though, why not make some predictions? This morning I will do the offense, and later in the day the defense.



Number Kept Last Year: 3
Average Kept: 3

Locks: Matt Hasselbeck and Seneca Wallace
Camp Battle: Mike Teel v Jeff Rowe
Favorite: Mike Teel


Number Kept Last Year: 6
Average Number Kept: 5

Locks: Jones, Duckett, Griffith, Schmitt
Camp Battle: Forsett, Devin Moore, and Tyler Roehl
Favorite: Forsett


Number Kept Last Season: 8
Average Number Kept 6.5

Locks: Houshmanzadeh, Burleson, Branch, Butler
Camp Battle: 3 spots for Taylor, Bumpus, Kent, Payne, Obamanu, McMullen, and Mike Hass

Favorites: Your guess is as good as mine, and the new coaches may feel a lot differently about these guys. Yes -- another year of training camp WR battle stories! I am going with Taylor, Kent and Bumpus due to special teams value.


Number Kept Last Year: 3
Average Number Kept: 3

Locks: Carlson, Owens
Training Camp Battle: Morrah versus Newton

Favorite: Morrah. The Hawks looking at and then drafting a TE tells me that Newton is on this way out. Morrah could be a demon on special teams with his size and speed.


Number Kept Last Year: 8
Average Number kept: 8.5

Locks: Jones, Locklear, Willis, Spencer, Wahle, Unger
Training Camp Battle: Sims, Wrotto, Williams, Vallos

Favorites: Wrotto, Vallos, Sims. It is possible that team will choose to keep 9 linemen, especially with the injury concerns about Jones and Wahle.

The purpose of this exercise is mostly just to stir conversation. As always, we are interested in who you think will make the roster, and what the interesting training camp battles you see shaping up. So chime in, and I will take a look at the defense this afternoon!