Saturday, April 25, 2009

Who is Max Unger?

by: Chris Sullivan

Well, he's our new offensive lineman, for one. I think we pretty much all know a bit about him, but since we never broke him out too much on the blog, I figured I'd do a quick little breakdown.

First of all, he's incredibly versatile. Unger was a four year starter at a Division I school (Oregon, go Ducks!), including two years at left tackle (freshman and sophomore) before sliding into the middle to start at center very effectively for the last two years. He lacks the speed and lateral quickness to play tackle effectively in the NFL, but could excel at center (he's incredibly smart and comes from a zone blocking system) or guard. 

It was heavily speculated that the Hawks might take this pick at #37. Instead, we moved down 12 picks (effectively), trading a third and fourth round pick to the Bears for, effectively, Denver's first round pick next year. Don't be at all surprised to see the Seahawks trade back up into the third or fourth round, especially with the Cowboys holding 12 (I think) of them.