Saturday, April 25, 2009

Picks 11 - 15

by: Chris Sullivan

Bills -- With the 11th pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills have selected Aaron Maybin, DE/OLB from Penn State. This is a bit of a surprising pick, as just about everyone has pegged the Bills taking Michael Oher. Maybin only played twelve games at Penn State, he's a bit iffy overall, and definitely mediocre against the run game. Still, the Bills are looking for a way to get to Brady, Sanchez, and . . . Pennington? . . . so Maybin should help in that pursuit. My favorite guy, Michael Oher, remains on the board...

Broncos -- Knowshon Moreno!! This is a number of people's favorite player (here's looking at you, Staton!). I love the guy, but what the hell? The Broncos now only have running backs. Strange pick, but they won't regret it.

Redskins -- Brian Orakpo, DE from Texas. It's a bit surprising that Orakpo fell this far, but this will make Orakpo a hell of a lot better with Albert Haynesworth next to him rather than on a totally weak D-Line.

Saints -- Malcolm Jenkins, DB from Ohio State. Jenkins is a good fit for what they need. He could be an excellent free safety or a good to great cornerback in this league. I don't see how the Saints could've gone with Beanie Wells over him.

Texans -- Brian Cushing, OLB from USC. A solid pick, though there are some question marks here. The Texans needed to take a linebacker, but Matthews is arguably the better linebacker on the outside there.