Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Bizarre Tradedown Scenario

by: Chris Sullivan

This one comes to us from Sal Paolantonio of ESPN and it would involve three teams including the Seattle football Seahawks. The Redskins would trade up to the #4 pick, from #13, to grab Mark "The Spark" Sanchez. Additionally, the Redskins would trade Jason Campbell to the Jets for their #17 pick (and potentially the Jets would get another pick later as I'm not sure people would give up a 17 for Campbell alone), and the Hawks, presumably, would also get that #17 pick. What is the probability of this happening? Maybe 5% on a sunny day, but it does have logic working for it.

The Redskins have done two things in the past month: piss off and alienate their franchise QB Jason Campbell, and fall in love with Mark Sanchez. The Jets have made it clear that they want a quarterback, but may well not be sold on Josh Freeman. Freeman rates out to be very similar to Jason Campbell -- size, arm, mobility -- but Campbell, who is still quite young, is a known commodity whereas many speculate Freeman could have bust written all over him. The Seahawks would spare themselves the expense of a #4 pick in a draft with no clear #4 pick and would give themselves a chance to take fan favorites Knowshon Moreno, Malcolm Jenkins, and potentially a left tackle in Michael Oher, Eben Britton or William Beatty. Getting Moreno and solid line help would probably do more to aid the offense this year than a single playmaker like Crabtree, and in the long term you have succession plans in place for two key positions.