Friday, April 24, 2009

Chip Vaughn in the Third?

by: Michael Steffes

Tyler Dunne has an article posted for the Scout Network in which he proclaims a source has told him the Seahawks will be taking Chip Vaughn if he is available in the third. Vaughn is said to be one of the best "in the box" safeties in the draft. However, several teams are attempting to trade up to try and get him.

The real question is whether or not Vaughn would be the first member of the Wake Forest defense added to the Seahawks. Curry and Vaughn would be a nice combo, although the team better find some offense in-between.

Remember, the third round is now on day two, so teams will have time to slip there way in front of the Hawks pick if he is really that important a target. Here is a scouting report from NFL DRAFT SCOUT...

Positives: Looks the part. Rare size and upper-body development for the position. Aggressive defender that attacks in run support. Reliable open-field tackler. Heavy hitter that can separate the ballcarrier from the ball, resulting in forced fumbles and passes broken up. Appears to have at least adequate straight-line speed, good balance and a low backpedal. Good leaping ability to battle for the ball. Has developed a reputation for game-changing plays over his career. Came to Wake Forest as a wide receiver and is still an ascending player.

Negatives: Better in run support than against the pass. Questionable instincts. A step slow in recognizing the action and has a hitch in his turn. May lack the agility to mirror routes. Better facing the quarterback. Loses track of the ball and has only marginal hand-eye coordination for the interception. Surrounded by a great deal of talent at Wake Forest.