Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eugene Monroe Probably Not Under Consideration

by: Michael Steffes

Scott Johnson writing for the Kitsap Sun has an interesting note in one of his draft preview articles for tomorrow:

It's telling that the Seahawks were one of only two NFL teams — the Tennessee Titans being the other — that did not bother to show up for Monroe's Pro Day at the University of Virginia.
Yup, I would say that is pretty telling. Rob Staton has been adamant throughout the draft process that Monroe is not a good scheme fit, and this is strong evidence he is right. Else, why would the team not even take a look at this guy when everybody else did?

Also, Monroe supposedly has had trouble with one of his knees, so it's possible that the Hawks' medical staff didn't clear him at the combine (At least, not to get $40 million). Either way, it seems that Monroe won't be a Hawk.

It sure would be nice if the Chiefs or Rams liked him, though. Of course, the Rams just seem to be catching on to the Tim Ruskell playbook on how to generate interest in your pick. END