Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hawks, Eagles complete trade-down (Updated)

According to both ProFootballTalk and National Football Post, the Seahawks and the Eagles have agreed to a trade that will send the Hawks' #4 pick to the Eagles in exchange for their two first round picks (#21 and #28) and LB Omar Gaither. Awesome. Back to bed! 

[UPDATE]: Okay, couldn't sleep: Gaither is coming off a mediocre year (63 tackles, 2.5 sacks) but in 2007 led the Eagles in tackles with 170 and hurries (14). Gaither appears to have a good shot to replace Peterson as the pass rush specialist on the LB corps. Contract details are not yet available, but hopefully will be within the next few weeks.

[UPDATE 2]: Who will the Hawks take with the draft picks? Obviously the RB and CBs re-enter the picture, something we haven't talked about seriously in awhile. Moreno? What about a WR at 28? Or Alex Mack?