Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hawks Taking Close Look at Hawaii Linebacker

by: Michael Steffes

On Monday, before camp started, the Hawks had their annual local prospects day. Every team is allowed to bring local players in for a day and work them out without this counting against their 30 allotted visits. Like much of the draft/evaluation process, the team keeps this stuff fairly hush hush. But there is a little info leaking out from Honolulu.

Stephen Tasi, writing for has a story located here about a Hawaii linebacker whom the Seahawks took special interest in.

Adam Leonard is a Warrior Linebacker who has ties to Seattle and was invited to the local prospects day. He was one of two players kept afterward to undergo a full medical exam. He is now expected to be invited for a pre-draft visit as well.

There isn't much info on Leonard, but here is's report on him. END