Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hill's Hijinks

By Chris Sullivan

The season has begun and the team's franchise player is nowhere to be seen (quick, someone check the surrounding intersections!). Leroy Hill did not show up for voluntary minicamps today, the first day of official team activity under new head coach Jim Mora. Hill's absence seems bizarre, especially after saying that he was honored by the franchise tag and not ticked off. If that's the case, then where were you today?

Maybe he okayed his absence in advance with Coach Mora, or maybe he's making a bizarre principled stand, who knows? It does seem to be a strange way to introduce yourself to your coordinator and position coach though. Sando poses a very interesting question, too: what if the Seahawks draft Aaron Curry and remove the franchise tag designation off Hill? Because Hill has not yet signed, this is a possibility, albeit a remote one. It would not be the best situation for Hill either, as anyone with dire needs at OLB will have already signed or drafted a player in most cases. He'd get signed by someone, but not likely for $8.3 million. This possibility is very remote, but there could be some underlying tension that we're not yet privy to.

EDIT: Apparently the no-show was a "business decision" that Hill cleared with Mora. Mora said he "respects it" and that there isn't any animosity between Hill and the coaching staff. Still, one has to wonder what the implications are here. -MP