Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ideal Draft For Me

by: Michael Steffes

I am not going to call it a mock, because it isn't [authors note: OK it is kind of a mock, at least it looks like a Tim Ruskell draft, but that is because i really study the players I think the Hawks might take]. I am not predicting what the Hawks will do, as much as what I would do with the picks this weekend.

In fact, it isn't even really an ideal draft because I would try like heck to get out of #4, which I am sure Ruskell is doing. However, history and economics are just not on our collective sides.

So this is what I would do with the picks we have.....

Round 1- Aaron Curry LB Wake Forest

Clearly a guy who will play effectively in the front seven for the next decade. Curry is a player, and has great character. The team could do worse.

Round 2- Shonn Greene, RB, Iowa

Probably not a Ruskell guy, but I like him. He had some academic problems and had to leave to JC for a while. Now he is already 24. He would be good for a few years and then replaceable, which falls in line with the new model for RB in the NFL. He can block and catch well enough to see time right away.

Round 3- Chip Vaughn, S, Wake Forest

Why not? We need a safety, and Vaughn is as good a SS as there is in the draft. Plus, he helps Curry adjust to life in the NW. Can you say roommates?

Round 4- Jonathan Luigs, C, Arkansas

I love Luigs for hte Hawks. He has anchored the Ark line for four years. Ark runs one of the purest zone schemes in the NCAA. Luigs could fill in for Spencer if he gets hurt again and contribute as a rookie.

Round 5- Xavier Fulton, OT/G, Illinois

He is the Mansfield Wrotto of this draft. Converted Dlinemen with a ton of upside. Athletic and a perfect fit for the Seahawks line. He does still need time to develop, but the Hawks can give him that.

Round 6- Cary Harris, CB, USC

There is some debate about Harris centered on his speed and durability, but he has a few things going for him. He is 6'0", which is perfect to eventually pair with Trufant on the outside. He is physical in run support, and every time I watched USC (which is a lot), he seemed to be a dam good football player to me.

Round 7-

Steven Hodge, SS/OLB, TCU

Hodge was one of the reasons the TCU defense has been so tough in recent years, the question is where he will play in the pros. Guess what? The Hawks don't care. They have taken safeties and made them linebackers, and they have taken linebackers and made em' safeties. The common denominator is that they contribute on special teams at first. Hodge would be this years Heater on ST.

Derek Pegues, FS, Miss St.

His stock has taken a hit lately, but he is a four year starter and a good cover safety. The more competition and young bodies in the secondary the better.

Quan Cosby, WR, Texas

He is the next Deion Branch! Ok, lets hope not. He is old enough that he is fully developed, due to playing minor league baseball. He also could help right away on punt returns. ST are a key component to all the guys drafted late.

Jason Cook, FB, Mississippi

A lead blocker, not an H-back. Get these guys while you can because they are going out of style. By the way, he has already graduated with a double major.