Monday, April 13, 2009

Inside Look at Seahawks Draft Strategy

by: Mike Parker

Amidst all the pre-draft day buzz, has posted a brief video clip of Tim Ruskell and Ruston Webster discussing draft day strategy.

Not much of it is very revealing, obviously, but Webster did have an interesting quip to add in regards to who the Hawks may be looking for in the first three rounds:

"Guys, I think the receiver group is a strong group especially within the first three rounds, and we should be able to find somebody that can help us."
While some may say that selecting a receiver in the first three rounds was pretty obvious by now, a lot of mock drafts have the team taking a trio of, say, Stafford/Chung/Moore. Perhaps the Crabtree pick is more than just the flavor of the week, especially with Kansas City more likely to sign Aaron Curry now that they've added Zach Thomas to their roster? Mike Vrabel and Zach Thomas aren't young, and getting Curry would not only complete a pretty wicked trio of linebackers, but it would potentially give them someone who will be around for longer than one to two years.

Webster also added that he doesn't think the defensive tackles in this draft class are particularly strong, but hinted that the Hawks may be looking to shore up their pass rush. I don't see us taking a guy like Orakpo, especially because of Lawrence Jackson's first-round selection just last year, but it seems Ruskell and Webster have their eyes on a few defensive ends in the later rounds.

Anyway, have a look at the video and have at the discussion. Is it draft day yet? -END-