Friday, April 3, 2009

Prospect of the Day: Rashad Jennings

by: Mike Parker's Ed Thompson is reporting that the Hawks have shown interest in Liberty RB Rashad Jennings.

Jennings is described as a versatile runner with a fire for the game. He has great vision, decent size, and can also -- gasp -- catch the ball out of the backfield. In his senior year with Liberty, he rushed for 1,500 yards and 17 touchdowns, but also caught 24 passes; two of them for touchdowns. He also wowed onlookers at the Combine on March 5, where the San Francisco Gate's Kevin Lynch said, with true sportswriter gusto,

"This guy could be a heck of a sleeper and is projected to go in the second round."
Jennings' full scouting profile is viewable here.

What struck me most about Jennings -- and moreover, why Ruskell might have interest in him -- is the fact that he transferred to Liberty from Pittsburgh to be near his family when his father's diabetes worsened. We all know character counts by now when it comes to Seahawk prospects, so Jennings probably scored some extra points with the front office in doing this.

This video has made the rounds today, as Rob at Seahawks Draft Blog also posted it, but I'll give it a repeat performance since it's worth a look.

And some fanboys on YouTube are calling him "The next LaDainian Tomlinson," but let's not get too excited quite yet. Still, I think impressive Combine numbers and a positive rapport around the league make Rashad Jennings a very likely second-round sleeper, with the Hawks being one of many suitors. -END-