Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Seahawks Add Three & Other Updates

by: Michael Steffes

Eric Williams of the TNT has checked in from Renton with an update. The Hawks have added three to their roster heading into mini camp. All three were tryout players.

David Kirtman
- Familiar face, still unlikely to stick around. However, with Owen Schmitt as the only fullback, the team needed someone to take reps

Shane Simmons- Western Washington player that the Hawks took a look at as local player last year. He ended up signing as an UDFA with the Raiders and even saw some action. Fills out the depth chart at linebacker.

Kelly Poppinga
- Brady's brother. Hawks brought him in on visit last year prior to the draft. Unlikely to make the team. The Hawks are just fairly short at the position at the moment. Look for them to address it during the draft and likely say bye bye to Poppinga and Simmons; unless of course they prove their worth this week.

Also of note, the Hawks designated two players with interesting positions. They designated Ray Willis as a guard. Willis has played guard before, but his best position is clearly right tackle. Does this mean the Hawks are open to taking a tackle in the draft? Maybe, but maybe they just want people to think so as well. A report surfaced today saying they had both tackles ranked highly. Well, of course they do, so does everyone, but the only point in reporting this is to let people know they need to trade up if they covet Smith or Monroe.

Finally, Babineaux is listed as a strong safety. He has mostly been used as a dime corner over the last two years, and maybe the new staff recognizes his ability at safety. They might also just be interested in seeing a few different combination back there besides Grant and Russell. Not too many would complain about that.