Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Seahawks v Cards

by: Michael Steffes

One thing I like about the NFL schedule this year is that the Seahawks bookend a tough stretch for the Cards.

After coming to Qwest, the Cards go to NY, get a Panthers team that should be angrier than a hillbilly in a hornets nest, and bundle up for a game in Chicago. They return home to face the Seahawks again.

The Hawks will be kicking off a difficult stretch of their own with that Arizona game, playing three consecutive on the road. However, the Hawks can have a lot to say about this division. With 4 of 6 at home prior to the bye, and one of the road games being at SF, they could be contending midway through the season. Thats when things get tough for AZ. The Hawks can make it tougher.

In the end, it doesn't really matter who or when we play. This team should be ready to win whenever, where ever they play. That is the only way they will be a real Super Bowl contender. Lets go do it Hawks!

Hey, at least we open the season at home! Break out the cold ones! Its Seahawk Addicts party time! (Edited because we really had no idea what a "pop tent" was) :) END