Monday, April 20, 2009

Skins Rumors Gaining Momentum

by: Michael Steffes

Peter King of CNNSI has decided to dedicate his MMQB column to the enigma that is Mark Sanchez. Of course, the Sanchez debate has a lot to do with the Seahawks.

Peter King has done some poking around into the Redskins interest. Here is what he has to say:

Snyder, the Washington owner, has one pick in the top 75, the 13th overall. He was willing to trade that pick plus next year's first-round pick and something else to get Jay Cutler from Denver to replace Jason Campbell at quarterback. That failed, but I'm told Snyder is beyond smitten with Sanchez and will likely pursue him this week. How can he do that? He's going to have to part with either his next two first-round picks, or a slew of picks, including this year's one.

I spoke to someone close to Snyder over the weekend, and this person said Snyder is not going to allow next year's first-rounder to be put in a trade. Maybe. Maybe not. This person also said he thought it was highly unlikely the Redskins could muster up the ammo to go get Sanchez. If Snyder wants to get up to No. 3 to assure himself the shot at Sanchez, he's going to have to bend and give up the top pick in 2010.
Now King seems to think that the Chiefs are the the team the Skins would be dealing with. I say why? Why get at three what you can get at four? I don't believe for a second that if Ruskell got wind of a trade to #3 that he wouldn't call and say "At #4 you don't have to pay as much." And turns out, we aren't really that attached to this pick. As King says,
Seattle likes Sanchez and Michael Crabtree (and a tackle, maybe) at four.
I think both of those players are worth passing on for extra first round picks in next year's class, especially when they (the Sehaawks) may get as big an impact player (for 2009) at pick 13. It is going to be an interesting weekend! ~END~