Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tuba Man Followup: Where's the Justice?

by: Chris Sullivan

If you went to a Seattle sporting event prior to November 2008, you saw him. The Tuba Man was a ubiquity, as common as a peanut salesman or beer hocker. He was as much a part of the Qwest Field experience as Mama Hawk and Big Lo. Last fall, he was beaten to death at the hands of three teenagers. They were sentenced yesterday to 72 months (maximum) in a juvenile detention facility after savagely beating Ed McMichael (Tuba Man) for no apparent or yet-explained reason. 

I get it -- they're teenagers. Teenagers are stupid. They're selfish. They think X would be cool so they do it. Whatever -- they still beat a defenseless man to death (he actually was hospitalized and released, but later died from what they confirmed were injuries incurred at the time of the beating). The three teenagers pled guilty to manslaughter, for which the maximum sentence is 72 weeks. That's one year and five months. Two of them will get that, and the third will be in jail for half that time.  72 months as punishment for taking someone's life, mind you. 

Anyway, this is likely a hot button issue. If you've got any Tubaman stories you'd like to share, please do. R-Rated post? I suppose.